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Basic Info

Title: Pleasure Chamber

Type: Manhwa

Genre: Adult, Drama, Josei, Romance, Smut

Author: Muyeon

Artist: Team Souffle

Year: 2020

Original Publisher: Peanutoon

Serialized in: Ridibooks, Bomtoon, Lezhin, Mrblue, Comico Korea, Naver Series

Licensed (in English): Yes

English Publisher: Lezhin US


“Pleasure Chamber” is Adult Romance manhwa about Kim Shihyun finds herself in a difficult situation when her irresponsible brother puts their family in debt of half a million dollars. In order to solve the problem, Shihyun makes a deal with her cold and heartless ex-husband – she will give up a year of her life to him in exchange for the money. However, this arrangement raises questions about whether Shihyun will once again become a doll, living and acting according to her ex-husband’s wishes. Can she break free from this control and regain her independence?


1. Kim Shihyun – The protagonist of the story, she is forced to make a deal with her ex-husband to pay off her family’s debt. She is determined to find a way out of the control he holds over her.

2. Ex-husband – A cold and heartless man who holds power over Shihyun. He uses the arrangement to control her and make her do his bidding.

3. Irresponsible Brother – Shihyun’s brother who gets their family into debt. His actions put Shihyun in a difficult position.


The art in Pleasure Chamber is beautifully done, capturing the emotions and sensuality of the story. The characters are well-drawn, with attention to detail in their expressions and body language. The art enhances the overall reading experience and adds depth to the narrative.

My Review 3/5 ⭐⭐⭐

Pleasure Chamber is a captivating manhwa that delves into themes of control, power dynamics, and personal freedom. The story follows Kim Shihyun as she navigates a difficult situation, making a deal with her ex-husband to pay off her family’s debt. The plot is filled with tension and suspense, keeping readers engaged and eager to see how Shihyun will break free from the control imposed upon her.

The characters in Pleasure Chamber are well-developed and complex. Shihyun’s determination to regain her independence is inspiring, and her ex-husband’s cold and manipulative nature adds depth to the story. The interactions between the characters are intense and filled with emotional turmoil, making the reader invested in their journey.

The art in Pleasure Chamber is a standout feature of the manhwa. The attention to detail in the character designs and the expressive nature of their faces adds depth and emotion to the story. The sensuality and intimacy depicted in the art are tastefully done, enhancing the overall reading experience.

Overall, Pleasure Chamber is a compelling manhwa that explores themes of control, power, and personal freedom. The well-developed characters, gripping plot, and beautiful art make it a must-read for fans of adult romance and drama.

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