Welcome to my review of “Positively Yours,” a captivating manhwa that has taken the world by storm. In this blog post, I’ll delve into the mesmerizing storyline, the well-developed characters, and the beautiful artwork that make this manhwa a must-read for manga enthusiasts.

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The Plot

“Positively Yours” revolves around the lives of two individuals, Jihoon and Yoonseo, who find themselves unexpectedly drawn to each other amidst the struggles of their personal lives. Jihoon, a talented artist, has lost his passion for drawing due to a traumatic incident. On the other hand, Yoonseo, a vibrant and ambitious young woman, is determined to pursue her dreams despite societal expectations.

Their paths cross when Jihoon takes up a part-time job at a café where Yoonseo works. As they spend more time together, their connection deepens, and they begin to heal each other’s emotional wounds. However, they soon realize that their journey towards happiness is not without obstacles. The manhwa beautifully explores themes of self-discovery, resilience, and the power of love.

The Characters

Jihoon and Yoonseo are incredibly well-developed characters that readers can’t help but root for. Jihoon’s struggle to regain his passion for art is portrayed with great sensitivity, and his growth throughout the story is both inspiring and relatable. Yoonseo, on the other hand, defies societal expectations and serves as a strong female lead, reminding readers of the importance of following one’s dreams.

Supporting characters, such as Jihoon’s close friends and Yoonseo’s family, add depth to the story and provide valuable insights into the main characters’ lives. Each character has their own unique personality and backstory, making the manhwa feel realistic and engaging.

The Artwork

The artwork in “Positively Yours” is simply breathtaking. The illustrations are vibrant, detailed, and emotive, effectively conveying the characters’ emotions and enhancing the overall reading experience. The artist’s attention to detail is evident in every panel, capturing even the smallest nuances of expression.

Moreover, the use of color is masterfully done, with each scene evoking a specific mood or atmosphere. Whether it’s the warm hues of a sunset or the cool tones of a rainy day, the artwork immerses readers in the world of the manhwa, making it a visual treat.


“Positively Yours” is a captivating manhwa that combines a heartwarming love story with themes of personal growth and self-discovery. Through its well-developed characters, engaging plot, and stunning artwork, it has captured the hearts of readers worldwide.

Whether you’re a manga enthusiast or new to the world of manhwa, “Positively Yours” is definitely worth a read. Its positive message, relatable characters, and beautiful illustrations make it a truly unforgettable experience.

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